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Buckeye Power Flight Models

The Buckeye Story
(from Buckeye Powered Parachutes)
Imagine a ride so smooth, it feels as though you are merely floating. Picture yourself enjoying the scenery from above, after only a few hours of flight instruction. This is the image of the new wave that is spreading not only across the nation, but across the world in the aircraft industry.
Known as the world's safest and easiest way to fly, the powered parachute was originally developed and flown at the University of Notre Dame in the late 60's and early 70's and only on the market since 1985, the Buckeye Powered Parachute is now the fastest growing aircraft in the world today.
For the pilot that would like to fly without worry or assistance, here is an aircraft that has only 3 flight controls, flys at a constant speed of 30 mph., and doesn't require a large runway. You can't stall, roll, loop or dive when you fly the Buckeye in proper safe flying conditions and best of all if, in the unlikely event your engine quits, you simply parachute slowly back to the ground. Preparation for flight takes less than 10 minutes and when your flight is over, simply, put the parachute back into the parachute bag. The Buckeye Powered Parachute stores easily in your garage. We recommend transporting the Buckeye in our specially designed aluminum enclosed trailers to protect your aircraft from the elements. There's no better way to see the sites than to take the Buckeye with you while on vacation.
Many people say, I don't know if I can do this because, I've never flown an aircraft before. No need to worry, about 70% of our pilots have never flown any type of aircraft before. To find out for yourself how safe, fun and easy the Buckeye is to fly, take a flight in our best selling aircraft, the (BREEZE)582. As a passenger, with the flight instructor at the controls, you can watch the air fill the parachute as you taxi down the runway and smoothly but quickly ascend into the sky. Relax and enjoy the flight over the countryside, as the pilot demonstrates the quick response and stability that has become a symbol of the Buckeye. You too, will see why out motto is: Fly One and You'll Buy One.
Buckeye can attest to the growing popularity of powered parachutes, as they are currently working hard in their state-of-the-art facilities to meet the record demands. Buckeye's nationwide dealer network is readily available to customers for flight training, sales and service. With four models including the two-place "BREEZE)-582, there is a powered parachute designed for every need and personality. Make sure you experience for yourself this unique way to fly. You may fly with an experienced flight instructor or fly solo after a few hours of instruction.
Buckeye Industries has won numerous prestigious awards for their commitment to quality and most of all, safety. Buckeye stands alone in the honor of the Best Powered Parachute award which has been issued by the Experimental Aircraft Association for many years. All brands of powered parachutes are judged every year for this award and every year Buckeye has won. No other brand of powered parachute has ever won this prestigious award but Buckeye. In 1997, for the first time in history, a Buckeye Powered Parachute not only prevailed over the other powered parachutes but, also over the fixed wing industry and won the Grand Champion Ultralight award.
We invite you to compare the superior quality and workmanship of the Buckeye to any other brand and see for yourself why 75% of all powered parachutes sold in the world today are Buckeye's. With an outstanding safety record and Buckeye's exclusive contracts with parachute manufacturers and suppliers, guarantee high quality. Each Buckeye Powered Parachute is manufactured from the highest quality aircraft aluminum, hardware and fasteners, one aircraft at a time.