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Order: 1 Busted Up Side the Head.
Bennie Casson filed a lawsuit in Belleville, Ill., against PT's Show Club for its negligence in allowing a stripper to "slam" her breasts into his "neck and head region" as he watched her, a little too close to the stage.
Casson claims in his lawsuit that dancer Susan Sykes (aka "Busty Heart"), who claims to have show business's biggest chest=2
0at 88 inches, gave him a "bruised, contused, lacerated" neck.
Carson has filed suit claiming that the "gifted" performer slammed her breasts into his head and neck, causing "emotional distress, mental anguish and indignity."
The $200,000 lawsuit states that Carson was "bruised, contused, lacerated and made sore" by Heart's breasts, which reportedly weigh in at 40 pounds apiece.
Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
* Bennie Casson made news in 1997 when he filed a $100,000 lawsuit
against PT's Show Club in Sauget, Ill., for its negligence in allowing
stripper Susan Sykes (a.k.a. Busty Heart) to repeatedly "slam" her
allegedly-88-inch bust into his neck and head during her performance,
thus aggravating an old neck injury. In January 1999, a judge dismissed
the lawsuit because Mr. Casson still couldn't find a lawyer to take the
case, and a few days later, Mr. Casson died of a self-inflicted gunshot.