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Busty Heart, Susan Sykes, was born in Boston,Ma.May 9th, 1961.Her father was a successful IBM executive and her mother is currently a retired high school teacher.

Busty Heart graduated from the prestigious preparatory school, Dana Hall, in Wellesley Mass. in 1979 and later from Pine Manor College in Brookline Mass.
Before embarking on her career as a professional entertainer, she worked for the Boston Municipal Court.Busty Heart also worked as an assistant for a Boston investment firm as well as a paralegal for a large law firm.

Her professional life took a dramatic turn on April 27, 1986.
During the first playoff series of the NBA 1986 playoffs between the Atlanta Hawks and the Boston Celtics, CBS television announced to it's t.v.audience that Georgia Tech's basketball star John Salley and NBA draft prospect, was in the Boston Garden audience.
The t.v. camera zoomed into the stands only to discover, not the possible Celtic's top draft pick, but a tall very buxom blonde in a halter top bouncing before the entire Garden audience.
16,000 Celtics fans screamed wildly!!
These were no bouncing basketballs.
Who cared about John Salley.
Brent Musburger the CBS t.v. analyst said "Which one is the #1 draft pick?"
Johnny Most, the legendary Celtics radio announcer, tried to explain to his radio listeners what the commotion was about.
He said "There is a blonde with very large assets dancing in the stands. She looks like Morganna but much larger."
Suddenly Celtic fans had what they needed for years. They had no cheerleaders, no celebrity fan, like Lakers celebrity fan Jack Nicholson. They knew they had one up on the Lakers, who all NBA fans knew would eventually be the Celtics opponent in the 1986 NBA Championship. Boston had their first and only unofficial celebrity mascot. There was one problem. Who was she???
Boston media knew this was their story line for the entire playoffs.The search was on to discover the name of the lady who captured the imagination of basketball fans everywhere.
Boston area radio stations offered rewards for the information leading to the name and location of the gal they wanted to interview.

The Lowell Sun Newspaper called her
"Bouncing Betty". Finally Boston Globe Sports reporter,Michael Madden, got the scoop. The mystery was solved. The "Bouncing Betty' was none other than stripper Busty Heart.In his Boston Globe article May 13, 1986 he declared "Celtics newest weapon is a becoming distraction". Boston fans had their secret weapon for the playoffs. Bring on the Lakers and their Jack Nicholson.

Celtics won the Atlanta series. Atlanta coach Mike Fratello conceded at least one victory to Busty Heart.
Every play off game she attended caused fan pandemonium. She was mobbed by Celtics fans looking for photo opportunities with her.Autograph seekers wanted her signature on anything including T-shirts, ball caps, tickets, even $100.00 bills. She autographed bald heads and stomachs, anything and everything.

She traveled to Houston, TX to lend support to the Celtics in their confrontation with the Houston Rockets. Houston Post sports writer, Paul Harasim, on May 28th, 1986 wrote an article entitled "For the newest Celtics mascot, it's NBA Championship or Bust". Houston had discovered the Celtics newest weapon.

Busty Heart was the Celtics lucky charm. With her support fans felt they could beat anybody and they did. They beat Houston in a bitterly fought series.The Boston fans wanted the big war with the Lakers but they would have to wait until 1987.In Busty's honor fans hung banners in Boston Garden. One banner read "World Championship or Bust-y Heart".

THE Boston Celtics eventually went on to win their 16th NBA World Title in 1986. Busty Heart went on to become a national celebrity and sucessful entertainer. She became active in charitable fund raising to fight lung cancer. She visited veteran hospitals to sign autographs and give ball caps and T-shirts to veterans.

1986 brought more media attention. The Boston Red Sox were pennant contenders. Red Sox fans adopted Busty Heart as their lucky charm. Her charm took the fans took the fans to the 1986 World Series.She was seen by national NBC TV audiences during the playoffs and World Series. Sports Illustrated wrote about her in their article "A day in baseball". Media could not write enough about her.
Busty now acquired two public personas. Busty Heart "THE SPORTS CELEBRITY FAN" and Busty Heart "ADULT ENTERTAINER". Often confused with Morgana the so-called "Kissing Bandit", Busty never ran onto the baseball fields to kiss ball players. It was never her intention to copy the legendary Morgana, however, there were Morgana copy cat acts.This always disturbed Busty. She often, during interviews, set the record straight by insisting it was not her intention to copy Morgana.

Busty always believed media should not be forced into reporting a story and publicity stunts like running out onto basball fields, in Busty's view, was forcing media to report an event.

Morgana is an original . Busty Heart is an original. Originals can be imitated but not duplicated.

In late 80's early 90's when other strippers, particulary two stripper sisters from Boston, one calling herself the "Kissing Babe", ran onto baseball fields to kiss ball players, they were copies not originals. Originality became a lost art and reporting it became a spectacle. By 1992 Busty Heart decided she could not become part of this spectacle and limited her attendance at sporting events. Something was taken from her that she really enjoyed.
Two events occurred in 1986 which evidenced Boston sports fans love for Busty Heart.
In June 1986 the Celtics won their 16th NBA title at the Boston Garden. After the final game Busty mixed with celebrating fans who were obviously ecstatic over their victory.
Busty Heart had been invited by some Celtic players to celebrate at a local sports bar and restaurant near Boston Garden, but making it to the victory dinner was almost impossible. Celtic fans swarmed her Garden seat. It took nearly one hour for her to get from her seat to the Garden entrance, even with the help of Garden security. Hundreds of fans pushed Celtic programs, hats, T-shirts and array of Celtic memorabilia in her hands to autograph for the momentous occasion. It was nearly another two hours before she could reach the players for the celebration dinner. By that time she was exhausted because fans had surrounded her and followed her to the restaurant. Busty never lost her patience signing literally hundreds of autographs.
The city of Boston, a few days later , sponsored a victory parade through the streets of Boston. Fans mobbed Busty Heart. They just adored their pet mascot. On June 11th, 1986, Fox Butterfield of the NY Times newspaper, a Pulitzer prize writer, wrote the following in her honor.

"Over the years, the Celtics have never had a mascot, no cheerleaders with pompoms like the hated Los Angeles Lakers, and no men dressed up in chicken costumes who prance on the floor at half time. In keeping with Boston's Puritan heritage, the Celtics offered only basketball, winning basketball, in an old arena without air-conditioning and a sagging parquet floor."
"But toward the end of the season a new phenomenon appeared, a tall, buxom blonde in a white knit top who quickly became a celebrity as the Celtics biggest fan, widely sought after for interviews by television, radio, and newspaper reporters."
"When she sat near the Atlanta Hawks bench at the playoff game, the coach later blamed her for his team's loss. Some of his players had been distracted, he charged."
"Jan Volk, the Celtic's general manager, was not sure what to do about the commotion her presence caused. "You can't bar someone from coming to the game just because they are very good-looking, or very ugly," he explained."
"So she kept attending the games and when she was not working at night, in places like the Fuzzy Grape in Webster, Ma. or Mister Happy's in Waterbury, CT, striptease clubs."
"Today she wanted to join the Celtic's victory celebration but her anatomy got in the way."
"It's hard to walk around in a crowd when your shaped like this,"said Busty Heart"
"In the end, half a dozen police officers had to protect her from dozens of clutching admirers."
In only in a few months stripper Busty Heart had gone from anonomity
to celebrity status to written by the most prestigious newspaper in the world the New York Times Newspaper and had become "news fit to print".No other adult entertainer to that date had ever achieved that status.
A similar scene occurred after the Boston Red Sox won the 1986 American League pennant.Busty led an army of fans around Fenway Park in an impromptu celebration. She was the 'Pied Piper' of baseball, leading the loyal Red Sox fans around and around the park which lasted for hours. Security personnel always told Busty they were amazed she could mingle with hundreds of adoring sports fans and emerge without a scratch or vulgar touches. Such respect did not come easy. She earned their respect because she showed so much love for the Boston sports teams.

In 1987, an associated press article was written about her which exposed her personal life to the public. This article was circulated and published world wide telling readers about her blue blooded upbringing and her attendance at exclusive preparatory school Dana Hall.. She attended this school with other students from America's and the world's most accomplished families
Dana Kennedy of the Associated Press referred to Busty Heart as Dana Hall's "Most notorious graduate" claming her "privileged education helped her choose her present career."

In her article, Dana Kennedy quoted Busty as saying, 'they teach you at Dana Hall to be yourself and don't let anybody step on you." 'They taught me that if you want something, go out and get it."

Those words adequately describe Busty's character.Tough determined, and hard working all attributes which make her a very accomplished competitor in the business world of adult entertainment.
The Celtic - Laker - Busty Heart - Jack Nicholson
confrontation would have to wait.
The Houston Rockets eliminated the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1986 NBA Playoffs. The Celtics got Title 16, however their fans had future plans in store for their pet fan in 1987.
Jack Nicholson pulled a "moon" in Boston Garden in full view of Celtics fans and it infuriated them, so they looked to Busty for revenge.Late in the 1987 season, while Jack was present in the Garden, fans lowered to her seat from the balcony above, a basketball cut in half fashioned to bra straps. Attached to it was a note which read, "Please go to the L.A. Forum and give it to Jack." Busty loved the idea and taunted Jack with the bra. Fans loved it! They were going to get one(or is it two up) on Jack.

A local Boston Night club advertised her appearence for a 'Get Back at Jack' night in order to raise money for air flight and Forum tickets. Hundreds of Celtic fans showed up and with their generosity Busty got the tickets right next to Jack's seat for game 6 of the NBA
finals. Celtic fans were eager for the pay back.
Busty Heart gave them their wish.
Just before half-time while the Celtics had a comfortable lead, the team took a time out.
Busty was seated right behind the Celtic's bench,so in full view of the team and fans Busty dropped the basketball bra on top of Jack's head saying 'Jack this is from the fans of Buston!' He was furious. He threw the bra up in to the stands. Lakers fans had a good laugh, after the time out Celtic Bill Walton was called into the game after witnessing this spectical he pulled his warmup pants off and placed them over Jack's head before his entry into the game!!!
The Celtic's fans enjoyed it even more. Oh! Revenge is so sweet! Boston had it's loyal fans, L.A. had it's tinsel.
The Celtic lost game 6 of the National Championship, but to the the Celtics fans the celebirty war games resulted in bringing home "The War Chest".

BUSTY HEART ADULT ENTERTAINER 1986-1997Susan Sykes aka Busty Heart was born in May 1961. Her father was an IBM executive and her mother was an art high school teacher raised in a very liberal family. At a very early age she showed interest in being a dancer taking dancing lessons at the Shirley Temple School of Dance. At 7 or 8 years of age she came down the family stairs taking her clothes off to the song "Hey Big Spender" Her father sensed that at the age of 13 Susan's growing chest was attracting unwanted attention from boys her age. The family decided to send her to an all girls school in Wellesley Mass called Dana Hall.
This school was a very exclusive school for wealthy families from around the world. David O Selznick grand daughter,Hess Oil Company's daughter, Jean Haffenreffer the daughter of the beer family and King Hussein of Jordan's daughter was her roommate. It was her classmates that gave her the nickname "Busty". She graduated from Dana Hall in 1979. She attended Pine Manor and graduated in 1981
. She worked at several jobs such as a record department clerk at the Boston Court house, bank vault clerk and in I983 she worked for an attorney as a para legal. In 1985 she became homeless with her attorney boss
. While homeless trying to raise money to survive she started to dance at local area strip clubs as a club dancer. In the Spring of 1986 she attended a Boston Celtic playoff game in Boston garden. Unknown to Susan John Salley the Georgia Tech basketball star was sitting next to her. CBS was televising the game. The Boston Garden announced that the Georgia Tech star was in the audience . CBS panned their camera to focus on John Salley but all the nation saw a very buxom woman sitting next to him. Brent Musberger the CBS sports announcer said "I am not sure which one is the number one draft pick".. Sports writers wanted to know her name and wanted to write about her.
They eventually discovered who she and proclaimed that the buxom woman that captured the tv worlds interest was a stripper. Celtic fans declared her as their lucky mascot for the 1986 NBA playoffs. The media produced a bone fide celebrity for the Celtic fans to take on the Laker celebrity fan Jack Nicholson. She became then unofficial celebrity fan of the Celtics. She now had her 15 minutes of fame but how can that be turned into a life time of celebrity fame.
Despite huge media coverage that this popular Celtic fan was a "stripper" the media did not discover that Susan was a homeless person living in a truck with her former boss and their golden retriever "Autumn". Survival meant picking up returnable cans and turning them in for cash so the three could eat. They even trained "Autumn" to pick up cans along the roads and return them to their truck.
One night while sleeping in a rest area a decision was made to try to capitalize on the publicity by getting bookings as a "feature" stage performer rather than sporadically working as a "club dancer". A stage name had to be chosen. Susan remembered that her classmates nick named her "Busty" (so appropriate without them realizing it). While growing up in an upscale suburban neighborhood in Newton Mass Susan lived on "heartbreak hill" the infamous final climb for the Boston Marathon runners. The name Busty Heart was created. Next was to get the work using this stage name.
For a couple of years the local adult clubs was the mainstay of her income because of her popularity with the Celtics and Boston Red Sox. Boston sport fans had a lot to be excited about in 1986. The Celtics had won their 16th world NBA championship,the Red Sox went to the world series and lost because of the famous Bill Buckner error. The Patriots went to the Super Bowl losing to the Chicago Bears. With so much excitement about Boston sports teams that year there was also a lot of interest in their sport fans favorite pet. Busty Heart's name had become very well known with the local and national media including famous publications such as Sports Illustrated and even The New York Times Newspaper ("news fit to print"). The Associated Press even released an article,published all around the world, that disclosed the famous stripper had gone to and graduated from one of the worlds most exclusive girls school Dana Hall.
This set the stage for Busty Heart to perform in night clubs not just regionally in New England but through out the United State and Canada. Her former boss became her booking agent. It is very unusual for a feature stage performer in the adult entertainment industry to handle her own bookings and not use the so called "national booking agents". It was and still is even more unusual to avoid the temptation for a "big bust entertainer" to turn down offers for photo shoots in men's magazines and porn videos. The "national adult booking agents" insisted that "big bust features" do topless,nude photo shoots and porn videos as the way to obtain the necessary credits to get top dollar bookings. They even encouraged entertainers to get breast implants. The accepted theory by these agents was that "size does matter". By the early and mid 1990's the market place was flooded with so many big bust features that the public became confused and disinterested. The more appropriate economic theory should have been the law of "supply and demand".
What made Busty Heart successful was her decision not to do photo shoots for men's magazines or porn videos. In fact that decision prolonged her career for many more years than her professional peers. Busty Heart was one of the original big bust stage performers in the mid 80's when Chesty Morgan was reaching retirement and Morgana and Busty Heart were attracting the public eye.
The most important marketing decision that Busty made in those early years that separated her from the others was to stay away from outrageous claims about her breast size. Breast size claims was and still is the sole marketing tool for "national booking agents". Instead Busty incorporated comedy into her stage acts. The result was that she had a more broad based public appeal,especially women, than the porn features of her time. She basically drew on the burlesque appeal of her predecessors using comedy in her act in addition to topless or nude stage performances. She felt that if the public was to laugh at her she would make them laugh with her by performing acts on stage which emphasized what large breasts can do as opposed to merely what large breasts look like. Of course using members of the audience to help her perform these outrageous acts made audience participation a major reason for the public to go see a Busty Heart show. She would pick up objects with her chest like bowling balls,beer bottles even beer kegs asking the audience to hold them while she placed her breasts over them in order to pick them up. Busty crushed objects with her breasts such a Stryrofoam cups,beer cans and watermelons. When you saw a Busty Heart show you knew you saw something you couldn't believe could be done. So naturally one would leave such a show and try to convince others to go see her perform to see for themselves. Customers became Busty's best advertising. She worked to packed houses for years.
From 1985 to 1997 Busty worked at adult clubs throughout the U.S and Canada as one of the top feature entertainers of her time. National media continued to follow her career with interest when she had a customer die of a heart attack after taking her top off on stage. Weekly World News headlined the story with "Man dies after seeing this woman's breasts". She was arrested at a baseball game after standing up during the 7th inning stretch at Busch Stadium in St.Louis Mo for causing a disturbance when fans saw the players come out of their dugouts to catch a glimpse of her in the stands. A night club customer sued her for 200 thousand dollars alleging that he was assaulted by her breasts during a night club performance causing severe neck injuries.
In 1997 she performed for the last time before a sellout audience in Boston Ma where is originally started her career . A new chapter in her life began in late 1997 when she started her own adult nightclub Busty Heart's Place in Pennsylvania'
BUSTY HEART INTERNATIONAL T.V. AND INTERNET CELEBRITYBusty's first big tv break before national tv audiences started with her appearance on Comedy Central's The Man Show with Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corolla. There was a great demand by reality tv shows for her outrageous act for crushing objects with her breasts. An act that she mastered for years as a stage performer in adult entertainment clubs. Appearances on shows like The Steve Harvey Show and Americas Got Talent catapulted her career into more international reality tv shows. Since then she has performed reality tv shows around the globe in countries such as Japan,Korea,Spain,Turkey,Germany and England attracting the attention of celebrity news outlets like TMZ, Barcroft Media,Splash Celebrity News and German Ibilde Celebrity News.
Busty Heart became an international tv and Internet celebrity. Her You Tube Tube videos attracted millions of Internet hits drawing the attention of viral tv shows on Bravo tv,Spike tv and Mtv.
Her future plans include a her own reality tv or viral video show as a host or judge. To learn more about Busty Heart visit www.bustyheart.com. She truly is THE QUEEN OF CRUSH .
Wednesday, June 11, 2008 7:20 PM EDT
PEZZIMENTI: She was the 'Heart' of the Celtics

Sue Sykes, aka 'Busty Heart'

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PEZZIMENTI: She was the 'Heart' of the Celtics

Susan Sykes was once sort of a cult hero in Boston. Everywhere she went in the city, everybody knew who she was.
In fact, she was almost as famous as Larry Bird or Roger Clemens in mid '80s Beantown.
Sykes' name became synonymous with Bird's best Celtics teams. With the renewal of the Celtics-Lakers rivalry in these NBA Finals, she's re-entered the limelight in a way.
She's done interviews with the Boston Herald and TV stations in both Boston and Los Angeles in the last week and a half.
She was flooded with calls after the Celtics earned their first trip to the Finals since 1987, and the height of her celebrity.
"When they beat Detroit in Detroit," Sykes said of the Celtics' Eastern Conference championship win, "they said the first thing they thought about was me. I said, 'Wow.'"

Sykes has since moved from her native South Boston, but the name she is most known by - and has been known by for quite some time - remains the same. And though she spends a lot of her time in Turtlepoint, Pa., owning and operating the Olean area's most popular gentleman's club, Busty Heart's affinity for the Celtics has also remained strong.
Sykes even has plans to be in the new Boston Garden for Game 6 of the finals, if it's necessary.
That game is scheduled for Tuesday, nearly 21 years to the day she became one of the most identifiable characters in the Celtics-Lakers bitter rivalry.
But to understand the circumstances you must go back to the year before, when Sykes' overnight celebrity story began on a late April day in the Boston Garden.
The Celtics were hosting the Atlanta Hawks in the 1986 Eastern Conference playoffs. Heart was sitting across from the Hawks' bench by then-Georgia Tech star John Salley.
Discovering that Salley, a potential NBA star, was in the crowd and compounded by the fact the Celtics owned the No. 1 pick in upcoming draft (they would take Len Bias), Salley was introduced over the Garden P.A. system. A CBS camera, meanwhile, had keyed on Salley.
"When they did that," Sykes said during a recent phone conversation, "John Salley didn't want to stand up. He's like, 'Well, you stand up.'"
So she did.
And what followed is a sound bite that will never be forgotten.
"I don't know which one is the potential No. 1 draft pick," uttered CBS play-by-play man Brent Musburger in reference to the buxom Sykes, who, at the time, had already begun her long career as an exotic dancer.
"That was 15 seconds of fame that turned into this legacy that's still talked about 21 years later," she said.
The search was on to find out who the curvy blonde was. A Boston radio station offered money to the person who could crack the case. The Boston Globe finally did.
What the paper discovered was that Sykes came from a privileged childhood, the daughter of an IBM executive and school teacher. She graduated from Pine Manor College in Brookline, Mass. in 1979 and worked as an assistant at an investment firm and paralegal for a large law firm before embarking on a career in the entertainment business.
Now she was officially the Celtics unofficial mascot, like Jack Nicholson is to the Lakers or Spike Lee to the Knicks.
Sykes traveled to Houston for the 1986 NBA Finals. During the series a banner hung from the upper deck of the Boston Garden read "Championship or Busty Heart."
Boston got both, and Sykes was invited to the Celtics' victory party after they defeated the Rockets for the title.
"I look at it as an honor," said Sykes, known more these days for her beer-can crushing exploits that have been seen on national television. "It's an honor that people look at you as almost like a lucky charm. At that time in '86 when (Celtics owner) Red Auerbach was alive, they didn't have cheerleaders, they didn't have any type of fanfare."
The next year, Celtics fans called on her to enact a bit of revenge on Nicholson, who mooned the Boston Garden crowd during a game that season. During Game 4 of the 1987 finals series against the Lakers, a bra with basketball cups was lowered to Heart from the upper deck of the Garden.
"On it," Sykes recalled, "was pinned a note that said, 'Get back at Jack. Please place this on Jack Nicholson's head in L.A.'"
To raise money to send Heart to L.A., a radio station did a live remote at the club where she was working. Over $10,000 was raised and tickets to sit her near Nicholson for Game 6 at the Great Western Forum were purchased.
"That was the start of it," she said.
Just before halftime, Sykes finished it by dramatically placing the bra on Nicholson's head. In a fit of anger, Jack flung it into the stands behind him.
In a way, it was like Kevin McHale clotheslining Kurt Rambis in '84 and the scuffle that ensued.
Neither of the combatants was on hand for the opening two games of this year's Finals in Boston. But Sykes watched Game 1 on television and canceled a trip to Turtlepoint over the weekend so she could stay at her summer home on an island off the coast of Maine to view Game 2.
"I'm a Boston fan at heart," said Sykes, who moved to rural McKean County 11 years ago after falling in love with the area while on the Pennsylvania club circuit.
She's looking forward to the possibility of being in attendance for Game 6.
"I have to clear it with security," she said.
If it all works out, Sykes already knows who her new whipping boy - the heir apparent to Jack - will be.
"I'd like to give it to Kobe Bryant," she said. "He's the No. 1 guy that I want to kind of get on right now. Everybody is comparing him to Michael Jordan, but he's no Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan had class. I don't know about Kobe."
Game on ... again.
(Vinny Pezzimenti is a sports writer for the Olean Times Herald)