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Education Programs

Our programs range from reptiles to rain forests and river education. We also network with other wildlife presenters and environmental education performers who give every thing from hawk and owl programs, night hikes and campfire sing-a-longs! Each presenter has a different fee. check out the Wisconsin DPI website to learn more.

  • The 2016 program theme is Health! It's not just about looking buff or feeling good. We feel that knowing what you put in your body is as important is knowing were your food comes from! Your health and the communities health is also the planets health and the animal communities who rely on clean water and air. We are loosing important battles to clean up the Oceans and Rivers of the world while Rainforest are burning for palm oil and other foods you eat. The loss of animals and cultures is at an all time high yet our world population continues to grow. See how your school, library, org or youth group can help!!! Support our Remnants Of the Rainforest program

    The animals used in our programs are adopted or surrendered by local wildlife hospitals, humane societies and private individuals. They make up our cast of "Creature Teachers"(tm) and each has a special story!

    "Remnants of the Rainforest" (tm)
    Live animals such as creepy crawly arthropods, amphibians, birds, mammals, lizards, turtles and snakes found in the rainforest's make up the animals of this program!

    "A-Lot-a Squamata"(tm)
    Live amphibian & reptile program including a 15ft python and other snakes, lizards, turtles and large land tortoise!

    "Scales and Tails"(tm) Live snake program including our large python Monty and many other of his cool and colorful snake friends!

    "Creatures of Mystery"(tm)
    Exotic animals from around the world and their bizarre ways. Some of these animals are helping the medical field or used to solve crimes.

    "Wings of the World"(tm)
    This programs is all about birds from around the world. We discuss adaptations of birds and you get to meet some of our most colorful Creature Teachers.

    Audience ages: Tailor made for all ages.
    Program Length: 1- 1.5 hours
    Program Setting: Mainly Indoors
    Group Size: up to 300
    Program Fees: $350.00 statewide.

  • If you schedule a second program for the same day and location the cost is $250.00 and additional programs are $150.00 each.

    Book two programs in the same area but in different locations and the fee for each location is $300.00.

    Out of state-$700.00 for first program, $500.00ea for a two programs, and $350.00 if booked on the same date and physical location.


  • Outdoor programs pose real risk for the animals from catching a cold to over heating, being attacked by wild or domestic animals, escaping and being bitten by disease transmitting insects. In order to reduce this risk we charge an additional $100.00 fee for outdoor programs.

  • Multi Level Fee: Programs not held on the main floor such as in a basement or on a second or third floor will have an additional $25.00 fee added if your building has an elevator and $50.00 extra for locations that we have to climb stairs. This fee reduces the risk of having to hold up the elevator or in some cases reduces the set up time in libraries or schools that only have stairs. It also increases our liability because animals would be located in 3 different locations and cannot be watched properly. It would also require extra staff to stand and move all of the 15-20+ boxes of animals and props we need to set up for a program. This is also a work out for the performer before and after a program to walk up and down several flights of stairs in schools or libraries that don't have elevators. Please indicate if you will have programs on another floor and describe your layout before we arrive.

  • Programs held after 5pm within 100 miles of our location pay an additional $50.00 and programs held beyond 100 miles must book a hotel room for us and the animals or pay an additional $100.00 and we will book the hotel.

  • Schools, libraries, camps or youth group organizations in the same area or system can get a reduced rates if you call and reserve multiple bookings or share dates with other locations.
    Call: 715-341-7149 for education programs only!)


    We offer river and outdoor education programs to groups through Nature Treks located at the Iverson Nature Center and includes programs from native insects, amphibians and reptiles, plants and trees, Native American and Pioneer program, and pond/river ecology study unit complete with games, collection, id, release. These programs enhances any groups canoe or kayak outing on the Central Wisconsin Rivers.
    A FEE PER Individual of $2.50-$10.00 depending on the unit taught! Call 715-254-0247


    There are many great wildlife rehab centers that provide school programs and the funds raised go directly to helping wildlife.
    In northeastern Wisconsin contact Marge Gibson at the Raptor Education Group Inc. in Antigo. 715-623-4015 or visit the web-link above.

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