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South Jordan
Nature Trek's Canoe Rentals

  • *During the month of October Nature Treks will donate $ .50 per mile for every one of our bike rentals to the Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners Org " I Went the Distance" Bike/ Hike program which is a collaborative effort to bike, hike the distance between Wisconsin and Nicaragua. A $10.00 fee is required for registration and can be gotten at the WNP Office at UWSP in Nelson Hall, room 129, Stevens Point, WI 54481.
  • 2HRS-$10.00, 4HRS-$15.00 all tube rentals inclued lifevest which are required for child to youth and transport within Portage County!

  • All canoe rental packages include 2-paddles, 2-life-vests. Shuttle serve is offereed for those who rent our equipment but you can reduce the cost if you haul it!
    (Life-vest are required by state law for every person in a craft!)
    $10.00 per hour, includes lifevest and paddle

  • NON-PROFIT fees for canoe parties
    2hrs or less will be $10.00 per person and $15.00 per person 4hrs or less in Portage County. Additional fees for outings outside of Portage County! This includes: basic instruction, transportation, life vest and paddle if needed with a limit of two paddles per craft! Extra fees for guided trips are $10.00 per hour/ per guide. we suggest a guide for every 5 boats.
  • You can save if you haul it your selves and supply the tackle!!! We do rent tie-down gear for an additional $5.00 fee.
    1hr = $25.00 W/shuttle & $15.00 U-haul

    < 2hrs = $30.00 W/shuttle & $20.00 U-haul
    < 4hrs = $35.00 W/shuttle & $25.00 U-haul
    < 8hrs = $40.00 W/shuttle & $30.00 U-haul
    < 24hrs = $45.00 W/shuttle & $35.00 U-haul
    Hourly and daily fees are charged for late returns and you must return equipment during business hours. Do not make the staff wait after hours or you will have to pay their hourly wage!

    Great for trips on the Wisconsin and smaller rivers in the area but not white water areas.
    Rentals include 1-2 life-vest, paddles & Shuttle.
    U-Haul rates are $10.00 less!
    1hr = $20.00 Single, $25.00 Double with shuttle
    <2hrs = $25.00 Single, $30.00 Double/shuttle
    <4hrs = $30.00 Single, $35.00 Double/shuttle
    8hrs = $35.00 Single, $40.00 Double/shuttle
  • $20.00 PER DAY for single after the first 24hr rental & $25.00 PER DAY for a double!
  • TOURING KAYAKS (ruddered kayaks)
    (For large bodies of water and the Wisconsin River)
    All prices inclused shuttle, tax, life vest, and paddles. U-haul rates are $10.00 less.
    1hr - $30.00 single, $35.00 double
    2hrs - $35.00 single, $40.00 double
    4hrs - $40.00 single, $45.00 double
    8hrs - $45.00 single, $50.00 double
    24hrs -$55.00 single, $60.00 double
    $35.00 per day after the first 24 hr rental.

    (The kayak rental prices above included transportation but you can save if U-haul it yourself!)

    Skirts, dry packs and coolers are available for purchase or renting for $10.00, $5.00, $3.00 the entire trip.

  • Paddle boats are for the beautiful kettle lakes in the Portage County parks like Lake Emily and Sunset Lake. We will deliver but there is an additional fee of $5.00 dropoff, $5.00 pick up. All rentals include 4 life vest.
    $17.50 for 1hr
    < 2hrs = $20.00
    < 4hrs = $25.00
    < 8hrs = $27.50
    24hrs = $30.00
  • $25.00 PER DAY AFTER THE FIRST 24HR RENTAL! U-haul only.

    Extra life vests, seat cushions, and paddles are $5.00 ea/per day.

  • We are located in Iverson Park and do deliver and pickup equipment at little or no cost to your location if you are staying at Hotels, B&B's, County or State Park, Private Campground or UWSP Dorm. We can not deliver items to private residences!!

  • ALWAYS RESERVE YOUR RENTAL EQUIPMENT! You can use a credit card but we will only hold items for 30 mins from the time you reserved. You will be charged if you do not show up or cancel! If you are delayed please call ahead and we might be able to hold longer.

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